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One-Piece Overall Suits

These one-piece suits cover your whole body and stay put during fast moving watersports. Think of them as pants with attached jackets.

Overalls with attached hood are best. They have a front zipper goes the whole length from the waist up to the neck which is often covered under a placket with velcro or snap fasteners.

The main feature is that it has no gap between jacket and pants, and no loose jacket tails. There is also no waist belt needed which makes it a lot more comfortable to wear.

All this is great for active sports where you move around a lot, like dinghy sailing, canoeing, adventure swimming, or as sun protection while chilling in the pool.


Overalls, or Boilersuits, are also known as "Coveralls" in North America, and is usually a bib-and-brace overall, which is a type of chest high pants with attached suspenders, like Dungarees. The word "boilersuit" may also refer to disposable garments such as DuPont's Tyvek suits. A more tight-fitting garment that is otherwise similar to an overall is usually called a jumpsuit.

The English language has several words for this garment. Here are a few:

  1. Overall
  2. Coverall (North America)
  3. Boilersuit (Britain)
  4. Bunny Suit
  5. Jumpsuit (slimline design)
  6. Splashsuit (for watersports)
  7. Dinghysuit (for sailing)

Main Advantages

  1. Less weight and bulk than jacket and trousers.
  2. Good wind and spray protection.
  3. Comfy for many watersports.
  4. Easy to swim in when you go into the water.
  5. One-piece suits stay in place, don't float up and leave your body exposed.

Multiple Uses

  1. Dinghysuit
  2. Rainsuit
  3. Swimsuit
  4. Sun protection
  5. Jellyfish protection


  1. Cotton Drill
  2. Polycotton
  3. Polyester
  4. Nylon, waterproof
  5. Nylon, not waterproof but very breathable


Improvements in adventure suits are the development of the new 'breathable' fabrics, allowing perspiration to evaporate and escape while keeping wind and spray out.

Any part of the overall that is covered by a buoyancy aid or sailing trapeze harness will not breathe correctly. The more physically demanding your adventure is, the more desirable a breathable overall becomes.

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